In Sweden, Norway & Finland.
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ETNA Rotante

Innovating tradition

ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven and its unique rotating pizza stone ensure 360 degrees of perfect crust crispness - making the best homemade pizza in less than a minute.


ETNA Fermo

Fast & easy

With the stationary pizza stone - that delivers the perfect crunch - every time.


Easy to use

Use the full potential of the Witt Pizza oven

Don't limit yourself

With the large range of accessories, the possibilities for cooking will give you full control.

Witt Perforated Pizza Peel 14

Witt Perforated Pizza Peel 14"/36cm

Witt Pizza Turning Peel

Witt Pizza Turning Peel

Witt FSC Wood Pizza Peel 12

Witt FSC Wood Pizza Peel 12"/30cm

Witt Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Witt Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade

Got a minute?

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Pizza Sauce

Pizza Sauce

This amazing pizza sauce provides the perfect basis for your favorite pizzas. This might be your 'forever sauce'!

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We've set out to innovate pizza

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