The Witt ETNA pizza ovens are receiving global recognition as design, functionality and sublime taste all comes together as a crispier whole. This is resulting in prestigious awards as well as top ratings and reviews.


”BBC Good Foods Anya Gilbert has reviewed the Witt ETNA Rotante: “This pizza oven is the first of its kind, due to its innovative rotating pizza stone that takes the guesswork out of pizza-making and removes the need for manually turning dough. It is without doubt the easiest pizza oven to use that we've ever tested. It's a large unit that requires space to use and store, boasting a sleek design that's available in four colours.”

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"Witt ETNA Rotante Pizza Oven has a motorised stone that turns your pizza as it cooks."

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"I tried the Witt ETNA Rotante oven and made my best ever pizza"

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"Witt ETNA Rotante is the craziest pizza oven we've tested. It is in a league entirely on its own. Not only is it by far the largest pizza oven we've tested – and the heaviest – it's also the first pizza oven we've tried with an automatic, rotating pizza stone."

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CONNERY.DK has tested the Witt ETNA Rotante, and the results speak for themselves. The rotating pizza stone is an absolute game-changer, ensuring even baking and simplifying the process, which is a great advantage, especially for those new to pizza baking. Additionally, the Rotante impresses with its incredibly fast heating time, reaching 500°C in just 15 minutes. These innovative features make the Witt ETNA Rotante the ideal pizza oven for both beginners and those looking to upgrade their current model.

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According to Jon Axworthy from The Independent, the Witt's rotante pizza oven impresses with its wide-opening encased in a matte finish, offering versatility with a large cordierite stone for cooking 16-inch pizzas. The oven features a visible U-shaped burner for consistent flames and a hidden second burner for crispy bases. The standout feature is the automatic rotation of the pizza stone, ensuring even cooking and producing delicious homemade pizza.

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“In the crowded arena of outdoor pizza ovens, the new Witt ETNA Rotante is a game changer that may alter your pizza-making life forever. Aside from various innovations like a revolving pizza stone and a second gas burner beneath said stone, this model is easy to use and produces amazing results time after time. It is, quite justifiably, fully deserving of a monumental high five.”

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"Create - Heat - Eat -Repeat Rotation and Dual Burner The ETNA Rotante provides an easier and more even result with the rotating pizza stone and booster burner. Quick Start-up The oven heats up and is ready to cook within 15 minutes. U-Shaped and double burner No cold zones , even bake and the oven never has to re-heat. You can keep baking pizza after pizza without heatloss Sustainable energy The Witt ETNA Pizza ovens consumes less gas to heat up and during use due to the constant heat preservation."

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”BBC Good Foods Lydia Anderson has reviewed the Witt ETNA Rotante: “We’ve tested lots of pizza ovens and without doubt, the Witt Rotante is the easiest model in which to cook a pizza. It has a large opening to the oven cavity, a U-shaped flame that offers impressive heat coverage inside the oven, and, of course, the rotating stone. A booster burner can be found underneath the stone to keep it hot.”

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Emma Gritt from WomensHealth tested the Witt ETNA Fermo pizza oven and learned a lot from the experience. One of her realisations was a statement we hear a lot:"...the new Witt Etna Fermo is a brilliant investment for families and pizza lovers alike."

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Comments from the Jury
The heat is evenly distributed around the oven for perfectly leopard spotted and crunchy crust pizzas. The ETNA series consists of stationary pizza ovens, in elegant Scandinavian design, made of 100% quality materials. Built to last. Double insulation, environmentally friendly, energy saving – and very fast heat up time.

As awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and design. Awarded to Witt ETNA Pizza Oven series, which includes Witt ETNA Rotante and Witt ETNA Fermo.
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Comments from the Jury»
Pizza as crispy and delicious as from an Italian restaurant? The ›Witt ETNA‹ pizza oven promises just that with its special design. A large baking chamber and a rotating plate inside the oven ensure that the pizza is evenly crispy on all sides, and gas flames provide plenty of power...«

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"Witt ETNA Rotante er den perfekte pizzaovn."

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"There is no doubt that the Witt ETNA Rotante is the best gas oven I have tried to date."

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